Once upon a time …

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Originally a brass band workshop under the direction of Pierre Flory. In 2001 a 7 people team parted from it to form « The Reds » with Eric Exbrayat, Sandy ichat, Jerôme Amevet, Thomas Ostermann, Julien Torlet, Jérémy Bonnaud and Lucas Comte.

With this first group they began striding over the streets of France, Europe and Africa, rich of a repertory mixing the music of traditional brass bands from Eastern Europe or Rajastan with cover versions of punk rock or Seventies music.The first staging suggestions came from practicing in the street in touch with the audience and soon found a will to propose more than what a brass band can offer.

In 2006 the « Rhino » created the Africabrass association and on November 23rd rode off to Burkina-Faso on their mopeds with the « Scream of the Moped » project, stopping in Mali during their journey to learn songs from the balaphon player Mama Keita and Abdoulaye Diabaté.

In 2007, helped by Pierre Delosme (Eléphant Vert Company), the « Rhino » wrote a street musical show, « Phenomenons » where the characters are in constant duality between normality and insanity. Laurianne Lapra replaced Lucas Comte with the drums. In the same time the team worked on and took part into other artistic projects with the « Compagnie Transe Express » for « The Lazy Kings », with the « Cabaret Tzigane » and with the « Compagnie Caramantran ».

In 2011 appeared the idea of a new form of musical acting. Rémi Petitprez took Julien Torlet’s place as a trombone player and Laurent Sedent replaced Thomas Ostermann with the trumpet.

After some public experiencing and after some writing and researching with Christophe Chatelain (« Pudding Théâtre »), the « Rhino » presents « Les Impairs » in 2013.